Custom Sugar Free Chocolate Box
Donaldsons Chocolates

Custom Sugar Free Chocolate Box

Pack Your Own Box with your chosen selection of our sugar free chocolates!

There are, approximately, 28 cups in the 1 lb. box, 40 cups in the 1½ lb. box, 56 cups in the 2 lb. box, 80 cups in the 3 lb. box, & 140 cups in the 5 lb. box.

Equal proportions of each selected item will be in included in your box.

If you want specific amounts or proportions of pieces in your box, please call us at 800.975.7236 Monday through Friday 9 am - 6 pm EST or Saturday 9 am - 5 pm EST, and we will be more than happy to fulfill your order.

Please refer to the HELP section (at the bottom of this page) for further information about shipping to multiple locations, warm weather packages, or in-store pickup.

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