Donaldson’s Finer Chocolates opened in October of 1966 when George and Peg Donaldson purchased the business, then known as Callane’s Finer Candies, from Charles and Eva Callane.  The Callanes owned and operated the establishment since 1948.  Upon taking over ownership, George and Peg Donaldson more than doubled the Callanes’ original recipes and expanded into chocolate molding.  All the recipes still remain a family secret!

The store was originally located in an old, two-room schoolhouse, roughly one mile north of Lebanon, Indiana.  In 1972, Interstate-65 was extended north of Lebanon, which brought along the perfect opportunity to relocate.  The store’s current site was purchased, and after much remodeling, was opened in 1973 and became known as Donaldson’s Country Home Candies.

There have been two additions to the current location.  An office area was added in the late 1970s.  Then, in 1989, the purchase of an enrobing machine necessitated more space, so an area to house the enrober, as well as a cold-storage room, were constructed.  Also in 1989, the name of Donaldson’s Country Home Candies was changed to Donaldson’s Finer Chocolates, which called for a new box design that is still used today.  An image of a cocoa tree adorns the traditional-style Donaldson’s box, symbolizing chocolate’s magnificent heritage.  Additionally, the Donaldson’s Chocolates website was launched in 2002, with updates occurring in August 2011 and October 2020.

George and Peg Donaldson delighted in the privilege of making quality chocolates and serving their customers, locally and around the world.  Sadly, Peg passed away in May 1994, and George in January 2019.  Despite the loss of our beloved founders, Donaldson’s Chocolates remains family owned and operated!  In 2010, George and Peg’s oldest son, Bob, joined the business.  Bob’s wife, Kathy, soon followed in 2013.  Together, Bob and Kathy are now at the helm of Donaldson’s Chocolates.  Notably, they have increased Donaldson’s online presence, marketing, and corporate clientele.  They have also developed several new products, including a Dark Select line of chocolates, which features a rich, 64% cocoa dark chocolate.  Bob and Kathy proudly continue to carry on George and Peg’s legacy.

From all of us at Donaldson’s Chocolates, we are grateful for the continued patronage of our loyal customers.  To our new customers, we look forward to serving you!