Warm Weather Shipping

When temperatures are 70 degrees or above, Donaldson’s will ship chocolates in an insulated container with an ice pack to ensure the safety of the merchandise; otherwise, the chocolates will melt.  A $10 charge, which covers the additional cost of the insulated container and ice pack, will be automatically added to each shipping total during warm weather seasons (late spring through early fall, in Indiana).

During cool weather seasons, the $10 charge for an insulated container with an ice pack will not be automatically included in each shipping total.  However, there are certain areas of the southeastern, southern, and western United States where temperatures still reach 70 degrees or above, even during fall and winter months.  Therefore, we advise that an insulated container with an ice pack be used when shipping chocolates to these locations.  You will need to select the insulated container with ice pack option during checkout!  If you decide to ship chocolates to a warm weather location without the insulated container and ice pack, you accept full responsibility for products damaged during shipping, and we cannot offer a refund or replacement.

We are very diligent about checking the forecasted temperatures pertaining to each shipment.  If it turns out that an insulated container and ice pack will not be needed, you will be notified, via e-mail, that the $10 amount was not calculated into the final charge that was applied to the provided credit card.

Some warm weather locations may also require 2nd Day Air, in addition to the insulated container and ice pack.  If this option is necessary, but not selected during checkout, we will contact you to discuss options.

To ship multiple warm weather boxes to one location, contact us via phone (765.482.3334) or e-mail (bob@donaldsonschocolates.com) Monday through Friday, 9 am - 6 pm (EST) or Saturday, 9 am - 5 pm (EST).  We will work with you to determine the best shipping rate.